Credo in Unum deum
Solo Show by Marc Padeu

Exhibition from July 21 to. September 15, 2018 at Espace Doual’Art, Douala, Cameroon.

Credo in Unum Deum is a solo exhibition by the emerging Cameroonian visual artist Marc Padeu. The multimedia exhibition presents a new series of paintings, mostly in large formats, a photograph and an installation in the heart of the room. Credo in Unum Deum draws its inspiration from biblical verses and sacred African and Christian iconographies. The artist creates timeless situations where Enlightenment, contemporaneity, modernity and traditions mingle, sketching a share dance of similar minds. The eleven paintings on display reflect his admiration for the great masters of the European Medieval Era, including Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and Diego Velázquez, from whom he draws by diverting some of their major works.
Very colorful and licked by successive layers, these paintings present scenes where each of the characters plays the role that MARC has assigned him: Mary, Jesus, the Fon, Pope, Angel Gabriel, Servant... They are dressed and dressed as they are today, as they were yesterday, as they were yesterday, as they were on the other side, in the village, as they were in the Church. Each composition is a decorated scene, inhabited by cosmic motifs, textiles and cult objects. As for their portraits and gestures, Marc reproduces them from photographs of people he has chosen in his entourage. The installation in the centre of the room is a cross (both an African and a Christian symbol) in a richly decorated elevation. She drops red threads on a hat made of red bird feathers from West Cameroon. It thus expresses the verticality relationship that the invisible world maintains with that of humans.