Aude Christel Mgba. Independent Curator.
Cameroon & The Netherlands.

Aude Christel Mgba (b. 1991) is an independent curator based between Cameroon and the Netherlands. She was a participant of the De Appel 2018/19 curatorial Programme. Her practice evolves around thinking different ways of producing and sharing knowledge. 


Fev. 2022—July 2023
Artistic Director of  Luleåbiennalen 2024

Mar. 2019—Present
Co-Curator of Sonsbeek 20->24

Curator at The Forest Creative Loft , Douala, Cameroon

25—28 August 2022|
Curator of Region Sud Prize 2022 with Hayoung , Janna Zhiri, Robin Plus et Samir Laghouati-Rashwan, Marseille, France

Sep 2020—Dec. 2021
Co-Curator of  Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund 2020/2021 project in the Netherlands

Sep 2020—Feb. 2021
Curator of My learning is affected by the conditions of my life , a project part of The Future of Art schools studies of Studium Generale ARTEZ in the Arnhem, the Netherlands

Jan. 17—Jul. 18
Curator at doual’art, a Contemporary art Center in Douala in Cameroon

Jan—Dec 2017
Assistant Curator of SUD2017 (Salon Urbain de Douala), International Festival of Public Art

Jul.—Sept. 2017
Coordinator of the Young Hopes Contest 2017, organised by doual’art

Nov. 2016
Coordination assistant of YaPhoto a platform in Photography, a project of Christine Eyene and Landry Mbassi, Yaounde, Cameroon

Dec. 2015—Aug. 2016
Director and curator of Manunshi an African Art Galery of Yaoundé, Cameroon  

Feb. 2015—Present
Founder and Coordinator Rencontres, platform for artistic research and exchange Organisation of meetings and debates between artists, researchers and students in Yaounde, Cameroon  

2014—Jan. 2017
Lecturer in Art History IFA (Institut de Formation Artistique), Mbalmayo, Cameroon  

Feb. 2014—Mar. 2014 | Assistant Curator SIARC (Salon International de l’Artisanat du Cameroun), Yaounde, Cameroon  

Mar. 2014
Coordinator of Open House, IFA (Institut de Formation Artistique), Mbalmayo, Cameroon  
Exhibitions and Public programs

1 Jul— 16th Oct 2022| Co-Curator of Abstracting Parables, a manifestation of three distinct historical voices and artistic positions: Sedje Hémon, Imran Mir and Abdias Nascimento, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Nov. 4th—7th  2021|
Curator of The restful ones are not yet born, a curatorial framework for ART X LAGOS Curated project section, Lagos, Nigeria

Nov. 4th—7th  2021|Curator of Unfolding layers of time, a solo exhibition with Kelani Abass at ART X LAGOS at the Federal Palace in Lagos, Nigeria

Nov. 4th—7th  2021| Curator of Future Africa, an exhibition with Adeola Olagunju and David Alabo at ART X LAGOS at the Federal Palace in Lagos, Nigeria

Juin 17th—August 22th. 2021
Curator of the Situation is Fluid, an exhibition at the Amsterdam Art Gallery featuring Adriana Arroyo, Tyna Adebowale, Daniel Barroca, Houcine Bouchiba, Gaëlle Choisne, Philipp Gufler, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Jisun Kim, Astrid Nobel, Wes Mapes, Katja Novitskova, Avery Preesman, Ayman Ramadan, Ephrem Solomon, Raed Yassin, and Guy Woueté

Oct 29th. 2020
Curator Water na Water, an online gathering with Em’kal Eyongakpa and Chantal Edie part of  Forecast Forum edition #5

Participation to Harbour of Action and Research at Sea, an Exhibition at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam.

02 May—June 2019
Co-Curator of Landscape with Bear, a project including an exhibition, a performance event and a publication at De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

21 July—15 Sept. 2018| Curator of Credo In Unum a mix media exhibition of Marc Padeu presented at Espace doual’art, Douala, Cameroon

3 Feb.—16 March 2018
Curator of Jengu Night Club a mix media exhibition of Tally Mbok presented at Espace doual’art, Douala, Cameroon

30 March—04 May 2018
Co-Curator with Princesse Marilyn Douala Manga bell of Living Together a mix media exhibition of Salifou Lindou presented at Espace doual’art, Douala, Cameroon

09—14 May 2017
Curator with Madrassa Collective of Bazar a project presented as a part of the second edition of Supercopy festival at Zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany

03 Dec. 2016—07 Jan. 2017
Curator of the Cafeteria Mobile an exhibition organized by Rond-Point Projects in Marseille, France.

17 June—07 Aug. 2016
Curator of “Something to generate from” an exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus, Contemporary Art Galery with, the Madrassa Collective, a group of eigth young curators from Africa and Middle East , Aarhus, Denmark

May. 2016
Curator of “Crée tes règles et joue”, a solo exhibition of Jean-Jacques Kanté, Cameroonian visual artist at OTHNI Laboratoire de theatre in Yaounde, Cameroon  

07—13 April 2014
Assistant Curator RAVY (Rencontres des Art Visuels de Yaoundé), a biennale of Visual arts, Yaounde, Cameroon

09 Sept. 2021
Thinking with Souleymane Bachir Diagne by the RCMC

Jun. 2020
The rythms and silences of ruptures, a conversation between Aude Christel Mgba and the artist Hira Nabi on the film “El Retorno” as part of sonsbeek’s Editorial room#1 And Wherefore this busy Labor withouth Rest

31 Aug. 2019
Talk Conversation with Josepha Tjam and Shirley Bruno in the framework of Up to the Clouds, qui dit bleu?, an exhibition at the end of their residency at Triangle Asterides de France

July 2019
Gender binaries in in Africa photography, a text contribution in CLPA (Centre of Learning for photography in Africa) News 2010 #02, Johannesburg, South Africa

June 2019
Landscape with Bear, A publication/documentation of the final project of the Curatorial Programme 2018/2019 with many contributions , Amsterdam, The Netherlands

01 March 2018
Talk Conversation with Tally Mbok and Rass Nganmo on « Voir la musique et d’entendre les couleurs… » part of Jengu Night Club show at Espace doual’art, Douala, Cameroon

Oct. 2017
Contribution in the publication Behind the Portal (residency and exhibition program) by Bandjoun Station with an interview to the artist Jean David Nkot, Cameroon

14 Sept. 2017
Invited Guest for O-Talks a serie of conference/conversations events organised by Diane Audrey Ngako At Mam Gallery on the theme “La problématique de l’Art Contemporain au Cameroun”, Douala, Cameroon

26—29 Oct. 2016
Invited art historian to Arts & Urbis, Curatorial meeting for the SUD2017 (Salon Urbain de Douala) organised by Espace doual’art, Douala, Cameroon