Jengu Night Club
Solo Show by Tally Mbok

Exhibition from February 3 to March 16, 2017 at Espace Doual’Art, Douala, Cameroon

Jengu Night Club is an exhibition of painting, installation and performance by artist Tally Mbok. Tally Mbok recreates in three series the ancient worlds and the vibrations that inhabit it. He imposes the DJ as the conductor of the performance that officially opens the exhibition. He invents forms, atmospheres and characters in: the pantheon, portraits of deities who appear in human or masked forms; ritual, an interpretation of different Ngondo rituals; the dualas, stories of the daily life of the Sawa.
Jengu Night Club is the artist's way of allowing himself a dialogue with movements from the history of Western art, and winks at monuments in the city. The installation of fluorescent fabrics and lights allows us to navigate between the other side of the mirror and the world from here.  Jengu Night Club is a mouth-watering introduction to future journeys that Tally Mbok surprises us with, in other multidimensional cultures and worlds, real and phantasmagorical, where humans, diviners and diviners coexist.

PHOTO  CREDITS: Eliane Koumetio and Aude Mgba